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Yoga for Weight loss | Out Daughtered

Go do family yoga for the first time. How is it that y’all go to school with ponytails, and y’all never have them when you come home? We’ve been helping Parker work through anxiety a lot more since we took her to see the occupational therapist. And the OT recommended something that could actually help with her relaxation and her confidence. Kids’ yoga. Parker, which one should mommy get? Bout to get my meditation on. Crystal and Dale are joining us at yoga in case we need help with the other kids. I mean, though this is for Parker, you really think that all the kids could benefit from some focus. Let’s move our legs, and let’s sit on her booties. All right. Can we take a deep breath in? And breathe out. [HUMMING] Breathe in. [HUMMING] Wow! All right. Can we pick up this leg like it’s a baby? Can we rock that baby? Lulu, grab your leg! Lulu, can you grab that leg? Hey, we’ll do it.


Pick your leg up. – Pick your leg up, baby. – Like this. It’s a baby. She’s looking at y’all, like y’all are ridiculous. I mean, the questions seem a little confused. I mean, maybe this is just a little advanced for three-year-olds. There you go, Parker. Parker is doing good. Now let’s put the hands flat. And then we’re going to push back, and we’re going to make a table. Parker’s the MVP. Usually when Parker will do something new, she wants her sisters to do it first. But this time, Parker took the lead, which was pretty cool to see. Downward dog. (TOGETHER) Downward dog. Upward dog. (TOGETHER) Upward dogs. I know. She’s surprising me. By the end, they were all getting into it. Let me see your star pose. All right! To be a tree, can you lift one leg in the air? All right! There you go. Good job. All right, Blake! And then ready? We’re going to lift up! Oh, — oh.

All right. Some of you can do it, and that’s OK. You’ve got your own pace. Oh. My butt bone. How you come to yoga with a hole in your sock? I thought yoga was, like, looking for my inner peace or my zen or something like that. I didn’t think they’d want me stretching all these different directions. Oh, — oh. I’m a big dude, man.